3.) Pepper Seedling Success

Growing pepper seedlings is an exciting and fulfilling endeavor, especially for beginning gardeners. At Ohio Peppers, we’re here to guide you through every step, from selecting the right soil mix to nurturing your seedlings to robust plants. Let’s embark on this gardening adventure together! Choosing the Right Soil Mix for Starting Pepper Seeds Quality brands of potting soil commonly found in stores are suitable for starting pepper seedlings. Potting soil is heavier than seed starting mixes. Lighter mixes specially designed as seed starting mixes, like Jiffy and Burpee, are often best for seedlings, retaining moisture without becoming soggy. Seed starting …

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Late April - Start pepper seeds

When is the Best Time to Start Pepper Seeds? | Tip #2

Like any topic with a long rich history, garden lore dictates a dozen answers for a single question: When to start pepper seeds? Seed packs and general internet experts suggest starting peppers indoors anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks prior to your last freeze.   Why do I have to start Pepper Seeds Indoors? Before going too far into the weeds, yes, unless you have a greenhouse, start pepper seeds indoors.  Peppers are one of the slowest to start common garden plants.  Direct sowing of pepper seeds is discouraged.  While possible, without the correct conditions, success rates will be extremely low.  …

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Plan for Spring

Plan for Spring. Determine how many pepper plants can fit in available space by reviewing several spacing models. Also, which varieties should I grow?

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