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Aji Ahuachapan

The Aji Ahuachapan is a sweet and fruity, mild El Salvadorian pepper, known for its vibrant orange pods and high yield, perfect for adding a pop of color and flavor to any dish.


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Aji Ahuachapan

A more rare Aji chili – the  Aji Ahuachapan is a rare Capsicum Baccatum variety originating from El Salvador. Known for its beautiful appearance, this pepper plant boasts a bountiful array of orange chilies. These peppers are notable for their very sweet and fruity flavor, which some liken to berries. They grow on tall, gangly plants that often require staking for support, especially when laden with pods. The peppers themselves start off light green and ripen to a warm orange color​​​​.

In terms of heat level, the Aji Ahuachapan is mild, making it suitable for a wide range of palates. The pods are elongated, typically measuring 5-10 cm in length and 2 cm in width. The plant is a prolific producer, offering a high yield of peppers. It grows well in pots and can reach over a three feet in height. This variety has lots of uses in the kitchen and can be used in a variety of dishes, including pickling and making chili jam​​​​​​.

3500 SHU. This is an estimate. Scoville ratings will change based on growing conditions.


Commonly eaten when unripe/green, Orange


1000 – 9,999


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