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Chocolate Habanero

Hottest of the popular habaneros. Long grow time. Stores well. Smokey flavor.


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One of the most popular habanero varieties. Chocolate habaneros are slightly hotter than typical red or orange cultivars. The plant may be slightly finicky when maturing – but once mature – the chocolate habanero will provide armloads of peppers. Easily over 100 fruit per plant, from July well into October (in SW Ohio). Widely used for hot sauces, sauces like mole, and dehydrated – even if you grow more than you think you’ll need, I promise something will be eager and willing to take the extra off your hands!

2023 seeds are 100% isolated

450000 SHU. This is an estimate. Scoville ratings will change based on growing conditions.




450,000 – 999,999


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