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Citrus flavor, heat similar to habanero or S. Bonnet. 3″ long tapered fruit.  Very attractive peppers.


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The fatali (also spelled fatalii) pepper has traveled a lot: from South American origins, to becoming a part of African cuisine, to being brought back to North America where it is enjoyed now in Ohio!  Habanero-like fruitiness and heat level, quick to become a favorite in the kitchen.

250000 SHU. This is an estimate. Scoville ratings will change based on growing conditions.




200,000 – 449,999

1 review for Fatali

  1. Jason Peters (verified owner)

    My first time growing Fatalii and I’m 100% impressed!
    They grow a large amount of peppers that are citrusy with that great burn a hot pepper should have!
    These are very jam worthy and dehydrate nicely for some spicy flakes that do not disappoint! I haven’t used them in a hot sauce yet, but it is definitely in the plans!
    I made a mistake and only grew 1 plant. I’ll be sure to do several next year.
    I’m in Indiana zone 5b.

    Image #1 from Jason Peters
    Image #2 from Jason Peters
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