Kaos pepper, renowned for its extreme heat and rippled skin, offers a bountiful harvest for those daring enough to embrace its fiery challenge.


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A superhot pepper at the top of its game. Kaos pepper is a beastly Capsicum chinense cultivated from the infamous Ghost Pepper.

Heat Level: Kaos, with one of the world’s hottest peppers included, offers the Ghost Pepper-like explosion of heat that marks it as elite within the category of superhots. Estimated 1-1.4M SHU.

Appearance: Unique horizontal creases in the Kaos Pepper resemble this kind of a narrower Death Spiral or a Ghost with a JAMI kind of styling. This makes for its singular texture and its elongation gives it a visually attractive look for any garden.

Growth Habits: Being a cultivar of Capsicum chinense, the Kaos Pepper will grow great under warm conditions with strong growth that will reward gardeners with a great harvest of these hot pods.

Culinary uses: It’s a superhot – with fairly thin flesh.  Uses are only limited by ones imagination.




1,000,000 – 1,499,999


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