Little Elf Pepper

The Little Elf pepper is a compact, ornamental variety with a big punch of heat (20,000-30,000 Scoville units). These tiny, colorful peppers transition from yellow with purple tinges to orange and red


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Little Elf Pepper Seeds

Meet the Little Elf pepper, a small but mighty ornamental variety that’s perfect for spice lovers and gardeners with limited space. A new classic for those that like to landscape with peppers.   This pequin-type pepper grows on compact plants with dark green leaves, creating a striking display as the peppers change from a yellow with purple hints to orange and finally to a vibrant red. Despite their small size, these peppers pack a significant punch, with a heat rating of 20,000 to 30,000 Scoville units.

These chilies mature earlier than many others, the plant is smaller, and the taste is tolerable.  Not a super yummy pepper that one would snack on raw – but it is edible and can add heat to a dish in a pinch!




10,000 – 39,999

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