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Red Cumari

Want unique?  This is unique.  Wild Brazilian species, tiny pea sized, with great taste.


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C. Praetermissum – a wild native pepper from Brazil – this more rare pepper can serve ornamental purposes but also is tasty. Substitute the red cumari in place of tabasco for southern hot vinegar or dry and use in a chili specialty grinder or peppercorn grinder for fresh ground spice! This species has beautiful purple flowers.

This is an oily pepper, do not be alarmed of oil discoloring of brown paper seed packets.

10000-30000 SHU. This is an estimate. Scoville ratings will change based on growing conditions.

This cultivar has a thicker seed coat similar to a chiltepin. Increase germination rates by soaking seeds in a 10:1 ratio of water to household bleach for 5 minutes.




10,000 – 39,999


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