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Aji Amarillo Grande

Aji Amarillo Grande – Beloved in Peruvian kitchens for its radiant orange color, rich fruity taste, and approachable heat, ideal for a wide range of dishes.


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 Aji Amarillo Grande pepper

What a treasured element of Peruvian cuisine, renowned for its vivid orange color and gracefully curved shape. Spanning 4 to 5 inches, this pepper offers a warmth that’s invigorating but not overwhelming, with a Scoville rating of around 40,000. Aside from the spice aspect, this pepper is adored for its distinctive fruity notes, reminiscent of mango and passionfruit, adding a unique twist dishes.

In the kitchen, the Aji Amarillo Grande is a real game-changer. It’s the secret behind the rich, complex flavors in classic dishes like Ceviche and Aji de Gallina. But its magic doesn’t stop there. This pepper shines in homemade sauces, salsas, and marinades, marrying heat with flavor in a way that transforms everyday meals into memorable feasts. For those who love experimenting with flavors or simply enjoy a touch of warmth and character in their meals, the Aji Amarillo Grande pepper is an exceptional pick.




40,000 – 99,999


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