Apocalypse Scorpion

Apocalypse Scorpion is a superhot of Italian origin.  Well over 1 million SHU!


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Apocalypse Scorpion Pepper

A gnarly superhot of Italian origin.  It was bred to maximize capsaicin production – so give this brutal gnarly pepper a bit of respect before chowing down.

How hot is the Apocalypse pepper?

The chili is an estimated 1.2-1.4 million SHU. This heat level puts it up against the hottest of the hot – like the Primotalii and Carolina Reaper. Superhot peppers can have a wide range of heat, with growing conditions being a large factor in determining final heat. Dryer growing conditions during the ripening stages contribute to a hotter final product.  At the heat of this pepper, there is no need to intentionally stress the plant for extra heat.  Unless you’re a monster.  In which case – carry on mate!

Growing Apocalypse Scorpion Peppers:

A heat source is strongly recommended during the germination phase. Heat is essential for quick and healthy germination of pepper seeds, especially superhots.  If one does not have a heat mat, other more budget friendly options exist.  Growers report success utilizing the top of a refrigerator as a heat source!  The upper 70Fs to mid 80Fs is a great temperature zone for seed germination. Ohio Peppers germinate at 82F and constantly have quick germination – at a high rate.





1,000,000 – 1,499,999


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