The Aruna pepper, potentially akin to the Kashmiri chili, is a mild and prolific variety, offering a gentle warmth and abundant harvest, making it wonderful for any seekers of authentic Indian spices


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Aruna Pepper

The Aruna pepper is a real find, thanks to Bob, the head of the Cincinnati Chili Club. He received it from a friend who’s passionate about authentic Indian cooking.  The goal was to make this pepper more easily found in the Cincinnati area. There’s a bit of a mystery here, too. This pepper looks and tastes a lot like the Kashmiri chili. You know how things get mixed up when they’re passed around?  Think: A game of pepper telephone! Well, there’s a chance this pepper might actually be a Kashmiri. “Aruna” is also the name of an Indian spice company known for working with Kashmiri peppers.

Mild Heat, Big Flavor

What’s really cool about the Aruna pepper is how many peppers you get from just one plant – we’re talking 50+ peppers! They’re not too hot, either, just a nice, mild warmth that lets the pepper’s flavor shine. This makes them perfect for all sorts of dishes, from traditional Indian recipes to giving a little kick to your everyday meals

The Aruna pepper is like a kitchen ninja, slipping into all kinds of dishes without taking over. Making a curry? Check. Whipping up some chutney? Perfect. Just want a bit of mild heat in your meal? The Aruna pepper has got you covered.




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