Anaheim Pepper

An extremely versatile pepper – named after the California city.  Very similar if not identical to the Hatch chili. Much milder than the jalapeno.


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The Anaheim pepper is a hearty strong pepper – full of uses.  Most commonly eaten when green. They are really an ideal pepper that is tough enough to handle all forms of processing and manipulating – all while providing a fantastic flavor without too much heat.  We at OhioPeppers are not heat adverse but recognize that we have friends that sweat bullets over the prospect of eating a stuffed jalapeno.  At 4-7 inches in length, the Anaheim pepper was built for stuffing – and all the other thousand other uses in existence!  I don’t belabor the point and insult ones intelligence – as this is a highly popular pepper.


The fruit will not overwhelm eaters.  At just over 1000 SHU – the Anaheim pepper is more mild by several factors than a jalapeno. We warn you – heat will vary depending on growing conditions – this is why gardeners think something is up with their peppers when picked peppers have a wide range of heat.  Often we hear that peppers are hotter because of cross pollination with nearby hot peppers or more mild because of nearby bell peppers.  This is not the case. That is not how cross pollination works.  Hybridization is only seen in the plants derived from the seeds of the fruit that was crossed.


Named after the California city – this pepper has several other names commonly used.  New Mexico Chili and Hatch chili are two other commonly used names for extremely similar peppers.  Are they the same?  Our tongues can’t tell a difference but others argue otherwise.  Frankly we’ve probably blown out our taste buds – so don’t take my word for it!  (Wait, we’re trying to convince you to trust our taste on an ecommerce website… maybe you should take our word for it?  Eh, we will stick to what we do well – growing and harvesting seeds for the public! No etymology nomenclature linguistic ELA/SLP here, just Farmer Brian)


Commonly eaten when unripe/green, Red

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  1. Greg Riffle

    Grew great in Iowa 2023.

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