Classic bell, green, turns red. Is commonly used at all stages of maturity.


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Your classic bell pepper.  This pepper is not flashy or trendy in the modern day of pepper people, yet between it and the jalapeno, these two are largest single crops I grow.  Being so large, a single bell pepper plant will not provide handful after handful of bountiful peppers like a habanero, Thai, or reaper, so I supplement with more plants!  In addition to being a popular topping, fresh snack, and housing for stuffing, bell peppers are the main base for most pepper jelly recipes, mild hot sauces.  A plant can grow two substantial peppers at a time, with a total of five to ten peppers over the course of a growing season.  Take that into consideration when calculating how many to grow to fit your needs!



Commonly eaten when unripe/green, Red




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