Thai Pepper – (prik kee noo)

The classic Thai chili – grows upright and is excellent for flakes, sauces, and savory cuisine.


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Thai Pepper Seeds:

No risk on your end in selecting a classic choice for eastern cuisine.  The fruit is thin-walled thus dries excellently.  This particular cultivar of Thai pepper, the prik kee noo, is on the hotter side of the multiple peppers that all go by the Thai nomenclature. Don’t ask what the name translates to in English – it not the most polite! The plant may be small and compact but is extremely prolific. The Scoville heat unit measure is around 75,000+.  This is a C. frutescens  cultivar.


It seems obvious by the name – but there are multiple uses for this chili beyond use in southeastern Asian cuisine.  Like all members of the capsicum genus, these little fellers originated from the Americas before being introduced to Asia. Most culinary uses involve fully ripe red chilis. Some uses exist for green peppers – excellent for adding a little heat and some green coloration to dishes.  Majority of recipes found online will be of SE Asian focus.  One remarkable recipe is Thai Chili Oil. We have no qualms using the Thai pepper as a substitute for cayenne.

No need to dwell on this one, if you know what to do with them, you’ll know if you need em’!  If you love Thai peppers, check out our White Thai!




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