Thai Kali Mirch

Thai Kali Mirch is a visually stunning Thai pepper with a unique journey from lavender to purplish-red fruits, set against dark foliage, offering a spicy kick in the 50-75K SHU range, and standing tall as a prolific, ornamental plant.


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Thai Kali Mirch

This is a striking variety of Thai pepper, notable for its unique color transformation. The peppers start off as a beautiful lavender shade and then mature into a rich purplish-red. With a heat level typical of Thai chilies, they pack a punch in the 50-75K Scoville Heat Unit range, offering a blend of spiciness and flavor that’s characteristic of Thai cuisine. The plant itself is a standout with its dark foliage and an abundant mix of purple and red fruits, making it not only a culinary delight but also a top-tier ornamental choice. Among the taller pepper plants, Thai Kali Mirch has the added advantage of bearing thin, light fruits, which helps prevent the plant from bending under the weight, a common issue in taller varieties. This combination of aesthetic appeal and robust flavor makes Thai Kali Mirch a unique and desirable addition to any garden.




40,000 – 99,999


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