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Thai Chili

This unique Thai chili variety, with its upward growth, 2-4 inch length, Capsicum frutescens-like characteristics, hairy stem, and thicker flesh, offers a robust and versatile option for both gardening and culinary use


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Thai Chili

Thai chili peppers, known for their pivotal role in Thai cuisine, come in an array of varieties. Each cultivar has its own unique characteristics that contribute to their distinct flavors and uses in cooking.  This particular Thai chili demonstrates traits that closely resemble those of Capsicum frutescens, a species known for the likes of smaller birds eye chilis and tabasco.

This Thai chili variety is notable for its upward-growing habit. The peppers, stretching 2-4 inches in length. The upward growth pattern is not only a striking visual characteristic but also aids in the harvesting process, making the chilis more accessible to pick. The stem of this Thai chili is covered in fine hairs, giving it a slightly fuzzy appearance.

Fruit wall thickness is thicker than that of most Capsicum annuum Thai varieties.

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