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Wenk’s Yellow Hots

Think of it as a versatile yellow jalapeno and a wax pepper: can use it yellow or red. Stuff it, can it.


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My first encounter with Wenks yellow hots were as part of a rainbow stuffed pepper collection.  The beautiful yellow pepper was the perfect partner with green, purple, and red jalapenos – all stuffed with garlic infused cream cheese!  The taste reminds me of a crunchy jalapeño.  Wenk’s Yellow Hots start pale green, yellow, and ripen red.  They are most commonly eaten at the yellow stage.  Early producing in SW Ohio with a heavy initial bounty.  The plant will produce lighter yields well into late October or early November – if protected from frost.

5000 SHU. This is an estimate. Scoville ratings will change based on growing conditions.


Commonly eaten when unripe/green, Red, Yellow


1000 – 9,999


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