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Wenk’s Yellow Hots

Wenk’s Yellow Hot, a crunchy, zesty pepper with a heat level around 5000 SHU. Perfect for stuffing and created by the late Eric Wenk in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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Wenk’s Yellow Hot: A Crunchy Wax/Jalapeño’s Cousin

The Man Behind the Pepper: Eric Wenk

First things first, let’s give a shoutout to the late Eric Wenk, the genius who brought us this vibrant pepper. Wenk of Albuquerque New Mexico USA, created this beauty, and it’s taken Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA by storm. It’s always good to know the folks who make our gardens pop, right?

So, my first run-in with Wenk’s Yellow Hots was a treat.  It was the first non-traditional jalapeno-type pepper I grew.  It was used as a color contrast as stuffed peppers alongside green stuffed jalapeños and cheiro roxa. Talk about a color explosion! And let me tell you, stuffing these bad boys with garlic-infused cream cheese was a game-changer.

Flavor and Heat: Crunchy and Zesty

Now, let’s talk flavor. If you’re a Jalapeño fan, you’re gonna love this. Wenks Yellow Hots have that same crunchy texture and a heat level that’ll remind you of a spicier Anaheim. They start off pale green, turn yellow, and eventually ripen to red. But here’s the kicker: they’re usually eaten when they’re yellow. Oh, and let’s not forget, they pack around 5000 SHU. That’s an estimate, of course—your mileage may vary depending on your growing conditions.

Growing Tips: Early and Generous Yields

Ready to get your hands on some Wenk’s Yellow Hot pepper seeds? You’re in for a treat. These peppers are early producers, especially if you’re gardening in SW Ohio like me. You’ll get a heavy initial bounty, and the plant keeps on giving, albeit a bit less, well into late October or early November. Just keep ’em safe from frost, and you’re golden.



Commonly eaten when unripe/green, Red, Yellow


1000 – 9,999


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