Thai, Prik Chi Faa

The Prik Chi Faa pepper, a larger medium-hot Thai chili, is perfect for spice lovers, offering a unique balance of sweet and heat, ideal for a wide range of traditional Thai dishes.


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Thai – Prik Chi Faa

The Prik Chi Faa is one hearty Thai pepper that’s perfect for those who like a bit of spice without the fire. It’s a chunkier cousin to the cayenne, with thicker fruit walls. They grow about 6 inches long and start off green. They can be picked before they hit that bright red stage, especially if you want a milder heat in your dishes. These peppers have a bit of sweetness with a touch of bitterness that’s just right for jazzing up your cooking.

You’ll find the Prik Chi Faa making a splash in all sorts of Thai recipes. They’re the secret behind the kick in green curry paste and the zing in chili dip. If you’re whipping up some satay sauce or a batch of pad Thai, these peppers are your buddies. And for a stir-fry or soup that needs a little extra something? Prik Chi Faa has got your back. They’re not going to set your mouth on fire – the heat sits comfortably at 2-3 times less heat than traditional hot Thai peppers.  Looking at roughly 30000 SHU on the high end, getting a bit hotter as they turn red.




10,000 – 39,999


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