WHP 054 (White Hot Peppers)

Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion x unknown.  An unstable F4 originally crossed by WHP.


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This is one of the house varieties from WHP  – an unstable and unintentional cross that the pepper world gets to enjoy!  I received seeds from an F2 grow, and you will have a chance to grow F4.  Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion crossed with a chinense with some purple traits.  Slight purple is seen on the ripening fruit, with the ripe fruit looking more like the JPGS.  Between WHP 054 and Peach X, some ghostly pale peach hot sauce is a great use of the fruit – or visually striking pepper flakes.  Very productive plant, with early production in SW Ohio.

This is still considered an unstable pepper, so, your grow may come out different.  From F1 seeds, the F3 fruit have seemed to loose a lot of the purple when unripe.  Check out the huge selection at WhiteHotPeppers – top tier folks.  Not affiliated with WHP – I just appreciate what they do and I want to see how this pepper stabilizes over the years!

Estimated 800000 SHU – your grow may vary.




450,000 – 999,999

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