Ashe County Pimento

The Ashe County Pimento, a sweet and versatile pepper from the Smoky Mountains, brings a taste of North Carolina’s rich agricultural heritage to every dish.


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This pepper is an early producer from the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, holds a special place in my heart. As someone who hails from North Carolina and spent my early years in the foothills and college in the Appalachian mountains, I have a deep appreciation for this pepper. Created by Rob Danford, a dedicated seed saver, the Ashe County Pimento is a testament to the rich agricultural heritage of the region​​​​.

Physical Characteristics

This pepper boasts bright red, pimento-shaped fruits that measure about 4 inches by 1.5 inches. The plants are stocky, reaching a height of 24-30 inches, and support heavy sets of peppers. The peppers themselves are known for their incredibly sweet flavor and thick flesh, making them versatile for a variety of culinary applications​​​​​​.

Culinary Uses

Ashe County Pimentos are celebrated for their sweetness and are fantastic for fresh eating, baking, roasting, and canning. Their thick flesh and sweet flavor make them ideal for dishes where a sweet pepper is desired. A recipe showcasing the versatility of these peppers includes roasted pimento peppers with hazelnuts, prosciutto, and Campo De Montal cheese, highlighting their suitability for both simple and gourmet preparations​​​​.

Growing Conditions

These peppers are particularly well-suited to the short growing season of the Smoky Mountains, typically 150 days or less. They are known to be very prolific and have the advantage of being somewhat cold-hardy compared to other members of the Solanaceae family. The peppers mature early and continue producing steadily until well after the first frost​​​​​​.

The Ashe County Pimento resonates with me on a personal level. My journey through the Appalachian mountains during my college years in North Carolina instilled a deep appreciation for the unique flavors and agricultural diversity of the region. This pepper, with its roots in the same mountains, is a flavorful reminder of home and the rich agricultural traditions of North Carolina. next?  Na, we will stick with the buckeye state!






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