Bonda Mahala

The Bonda Mahala is a vibrant, superhot pepper with a Scoville rating of over 400,000. It’s known for its habanero-like flavor, but with an extra kick, making it a top pick for those who love a good balance of heat and taste


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The Bonda Mahala: Yum City

This pepper is like a habanero on steroids – it takes everything you love about the top-tier habanero flavor of the Bonda Ma Jacques and kicks it up a notch with the superhot heat from its 7 Pot lineage.

Flavor That Packs a Punch

This pepper isn’t just about heat; it’s about flavor. The Bonda Mahala has that classic, rich habanero taste – fruity and vibrant – but with an extra layer of intensity. It’s the kind of heat that’s bold but not overwhelming, perfect for adding a zesty kick to your dishes. Now, let’s talk heat. With a Scoville rating of over 400,000, the Bonda Mahala is up there with the heavy hitters. It’s perfect for those who like their food with a serious zing. Whether you’re whipping up a spicy salsa, a homemade hot sauce, or just want to spice up your meals, this pepper has got you covered.

It’s a great addition to any garden, and its unique taste makes it a must-try for pepper lovers. Whether you’re an experienced pepper grower or just starting out, the Bonda Mahala is sure to add some excitement to your pepper collection!


In the garden, the Bonda Mahala is a star performer. These plants can grow pretty big, reaching over 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so make sure you give them some room! The peppers themselves are a beautiful orange-yellow, thick-walled, and slightly wrinkled. They’re not just tasty; they’re also pretty to look at.




200,000 – 449,999


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