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The Brazilian Cascadura pepper, part of the poblano family, is a sweet and productive variety, ideal for a range of culinary uses, from roasting to stuffing, and a prolific grower, perfect for Ohio gardens.


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Cascadura Pepper Seeds

This pepper, hailing from Brazil, is a standout in the poblano family, boasting sweet, robust flavors. These peppers typically grow to about 3-5 inches, with a plump shape and usually two to three lobes. They ripen beautifully from green to red, although they’re often picked and used while still green. When dried/smoked, you have the famed Ancho chili.

Taste and Habit

The Cascadura pepper stands out for its remarkable productivity, with each plant producing a generous number of peppers. This attribute makes it an excellent choice for Ohio gardeners who want to maximize their yield. Beyond their abundance, Cascadura peppers are also known for their quality. They offer a sweet flavor, near zero heat, profile that is a delight to the palate, combined with a firm texture that holds up well in various preparations. The heat level of Cascadura peppers is mild to moderate, making them suitable for a wide range of taste preferences.


In the kitchen, Cascadura peppers are incredibly useful. Their sweet taste and firm texture make them perfect for roasting, stuffing, and frying. These peppers can transform a simple dish into something a little extra – able to add a rich flavor without the overwhelming heat. They also blend beautifully into soups and sauces, where they lend depth and a subtle sweetness. For cooks who enjoy experimenting with different flavors and textures, Cascadura peppers are a must-try ingredient. Don’t forget smoking and drying the fruit.  Now you have an Ancho chili.

So, for those in Ohio and elsewhere who enjoy a pepper that’s both versatile in the kitchen and a heavy producer in the garden, the Cascadura is a perfect pick. It brings a touch of Brazilian spice to any dish, making it a must-try for pepper aficionados.


Commonly eaten when unripe/green




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