Bell, White (cream)

A white/cream cultivar of bell pepper.


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Classic cream bell pepper

Add a touch of sweetness to your garden with our white bell pepper seeds. These large, blocky peppers have thick walls that stay nice and crisp even when mature.

Inside the bright white exterior, the inner flesh offers a delightfully sweet and refreshing flavor – not too hot or spicy. White bells are extremely versatile for fresh eating, stuffing, cooking, canning, or pickling.

The upright plants of white bell peppers grow up to 4 feet tall and produce a heavy yield of 4-5 inch peppers late into the fall. They look beautiful ripening from green to pure white, lasting well on the plant and adding a decorative touch to containers or garden beds.

Our non-GMO white bell pepper seeds are specially selected from healthy, robust plants that withstand disease well and have that true sweet bell pepper taste you know and love. They are easy to grow, even for beginners. For a bountiful crop of crisp, juicy white bell peppers this season, give our seeds a try!







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