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Chardon Frost

Chardon Frost, a natural phenotype of the Frostbite pepper, is a visually stunning plant with vibrant peach-colored peppers that pop against its lush green foliage, a tribute to its namesake city in Ohio and its unique, intense heat.


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Chardon Frost

This chili is a naturally occurring phenotype expression from the partially stable Frostbite pepper.  It is notable for its distinctive color transformation and green foliage. The plant first produces green fruit, which then unexpectedly turns to a striking peach color. This particular shade of peach is remarkably vibrant, standing out even among the many existing varieties of peach and orange peppers. Its eye-catching hue is unique, popping with an intensity that makes it a standout in any garden.

The naming of Chardon Frost honors its Frostbite lineage and the city of Chardon, Ohio, renowned for recording the state’s lowest temperature. The pepper’s remarkable color shift from green to a vivid peach is as unexpected and impressive as Chardon’s historic temperature record.

The pepper’s heat is intense, backed by a neutral taste, making it ideal for those who enjoy a pure spicy kick in their dishes.  It’s worth noting that the plant can grow quite tall and heavy, so staking might be necessary to support its growth.

Growing tips for Chardon Frost

Start seeds indoors about 10-12 weeks before the last frost date, ensuring the soil temperature is between 70F and 95F.
Use high-quality seed starting mix, keeping soil moist but not waterlogged.
Transplant seedlings with 2-3 true leaves into larger containers or outdoors, after acclimatizing them to outdoor conditions over a week or so.


Orange, Peach


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