Cheese Red Pepper, Sweet

The Cheese Red Sweet pepper is a unique, small, and aromatic Spanish heirloom variety, known for its flat, round shape and sweet flavor, historically used for flavoring and coloring cheese.


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Cheese Red Pepper, Sweet

Yes, you read that correctly.  Cheese.  Not Chinese or Chinense – but Cheese!  The origin of the Cheese Red Sweet pepper, also known as the Red Cheese Pepper, traces back to Spain. It is a small, spicy variety belonging to the Capsicum annuum species and is of the apple pepper type. The pepper’s flavor is notably aromatic, which led to its historical use for flavoring and coloring cheese, hence its name. This unique application in cheese production highlights the pepper’s significance in culinary traditions. Additionally, its unusual shape, resembling a small, flat red pumpkin, adds to its distinctiveness​​.

Flavor and Heat

This pepper lacks the heat. The lack of heat makes it a perfect choice for those who favor flavor without the spice. The sweetness of this pepper is often likened to candy, offering a rich and fruity taste​​.


Originally used for flavoring and coloring cheese, which inspired its name, the Red Cheese peppers can be used for non….. dairy coloring/flavoring. Its  sweet taste and flavor makes it an excellent choice for making mild salsas.  Being a cultivar of pimento, this pepper is also great for pickling. The pepper’s unusual shape also lends itself well to creative culinary presentations​​. It’s a popular choice for stuffing, given its size and flavor profile, and also works well in fresh garden salads.







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