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First commercial US grown very hot pepper, used in 18th century cuisine and still a staple in the southeast.


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St. Augustine Florida made this little pepper famous by integrating it into the local cuisine. Looks vaguely like a jalapeno – don’t be fooled!  Hugely popular pepper for making sauces, general cooking, and jellies.  A spoonful of datil pepper jam atop a block of cream cheese?  Yes please!  Datil pepper seeds are your solution.

200000 SHU. This is an estimate. Scoville ratings will change based on growing conditions.





2 reviews for Datil

  1. Jason Peters

    They easily germinate and plants grow quickly! I enjoy this prolific growing pepper just by themselves! Sweet with just a bit of heat that is a little less than a habanero’s heat. I’ve also used them in hot sauces and pepper jams!
    They do take time to ripen(what pepper doesn’t) but are worth growing. I grew mine in 5 gallon bags and they did terrific!
    The picture was taken on October 11 here in zone 5b! I’ve already picked a couple rounds of ripe orange peppers from this plant!

    Image #1 from Jason Peters
  2. Steve A.

    Bought Datil seeds last winter for my farm in south central Pennsylvania. They arrived on time, in good shape. Planted them and by summer, they grew pretty well. The plants handled our climate zone just fine. Peppers had a nice heat, not too much, just right for my recipes. It’s December now, and I’m back to buy more for next year. They did good here.

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