Funky Bunch Collection

A collection of 7 crazy fun peppers that challenge expectations of what a chili should be. Contains unique colors. shapes and funky bleeding calyx!


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Funky Collection Bundle contains 7 of the more unique chilis at OhioPeppers.

  • Peach X (Rare, crazy peach color and texture/shape similar to death spiral, and superhot)
  • Gator Jigsaw (Superhot rivaling the Carolina Reaper – but larger and ripens to… green? Odd!) [FEB 2024- out of stock, to be replaced with another funky chili]
  • Faddas White (Near pure white, lightning bolt shaped, ghost related. Spooooooooky!)
  • Xion Mutant – a variety that carries a genetic mutation creating filiform leaf shape.
  • MG Leopard (dark foliage – fruit starts off black and ripens to bright sunshine orange – with a huge bleeding calyx that turns colors with the fruit)
  • BBG7 Naga Peach (Super light peach color – with a peach bleeding calyx)
  • Aji CharapitaNEW to this bundle. Round berry shaped peppers, at one time claimed to be the most expensive dried pepper by weight. highly prized in Peruvian dishes.

What are they good for? Settle down Edwin Starr. There are plenty of good uses for all of these funky dudes and dudettes! Hot sauce, dehydrate for flakes and seasoned salts, use fresh in culinary dishes – or for giving to friends and family – “Hey, look at this cRaZy pepper, want it?!”


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