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Count Dracula

The Count Dracula Pepper is ornamental and tasty, with a striking color transition from purple-black to vibrant red, making it a dramatic and spicy addition to any garden.


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Count Dracula Pepper

This C. annuum stands out with its eerie beauty and fiery heat. Boasting a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) of 30,000, this pepper delivers a significant punch that spice lovers will appreciate. Serving as both an ornamental and tasty pepper, it has a striking appearance, characterized by deep purple to black leaves, and fruit that fade from green, to near black, and finally to blood-red peppers as they mature – mirroring the cloak of its namesake.

Fun Fact: The Count Dracula Pepper’s color transformation from green, to purple-black, and finally to a vibrant red, is not just a visual spectacle. It’s also believed to reflect the pepper’s increasing heat level as it matures, adding a layer of excitement for those who dare to grow and taste it.

Count Dracula Pepper is a must-have for enthusiasts of unique and hot peppers.





10,000 – 39,999


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