Golden Cayenne

Golden Cayenne peppers bring a medium heat and a unique twist to your dishes. With their smooth, golden skin and a hint of sweetness, they’re perfect for adding a pop of color and a tangy kick to any meal.


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Golden Cayenne

Golden Cayenne peppers are a real treat for pepper lovers! They pack a medium heat punch at 30,000 to 50,000 SHU, sitting right between the heat of a Serrano and a Thai pepper. What makes them special is their color – they turn a gorgeous golden yellow as they mature. They’re a bit bigger than your typical red cayennes, about 4-6 inches long, and have smoother skin. And the taste? A nice mix of peppery with a hint of sweetness and tang. Great for spicing up your favorite dishes with both flavor and color.




40,000 – 99,999


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