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Hatch Chile, Medium Heat

Hatch Chile Seeds, where medium heat is combined with exceptional flavor.


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Medium Hatch Chile

Enjoy a southwest flavor like none other with Ohio Peppers Hatch Chili Seeds, medium heat. Grown in the heart of Ohio, these seeds bring the iconic taste of Hatch, New Mexico straight to your backyard garden. Well, it sounded good.  In reality, our Ohio climate is quite different from New Mexico but I can attest that these peppers do grow well even outside of New Mexico! Our Hatch Chiles have an unrivaled lush flavor with just the right amount of heat perfect for chili connoisseurs wanting a little kick in their recipes.

Flavor Profile

Relish in the rich earthiness and a hint of sweetness in every bite. These guys come to life when roasted with an incredible array of tastes that include smoky with nutty undertones. A Southwestern staple to cooking and beyond. Create particularly delicious salsa, create in a hearty stew to a spicy sauce. They make an ideal addition to the very classic dish of chile rellenos but also in a hamburger, pizza or dessert.

Heat Level

These chiles carry a Scoville Heat Unit profile in the 1,000 to 1,500 range, placing them at the ideal base heat level for the chili cook who wants great tasting, moderate spice heat. They’re hot, but won’t scorch your head off. Hotter and more mild variations of Hatch chiles exist – thus why we call this our medium offering.

Grow at Home

Developed to the requirement of Ohio’s climate, these seeds will grow into fruitful plants as long as basking within the sunlight. The harvest plants of these vibrant green peppers transitioning to a rich red color can be from late summers to fall earlier, bringing flexibility and abundance to your garden.

We ensure that each pack of seeds has the highest quality and yield. Pick these up and cultivate a piece of New Mexico culinary history in your very own Ohio (or other fine humble state) home. Suitable for gardeners on any level from novice to professional, these seeds will produce what is promised as a humongous crop of juicy satisfaction.


Commonly eaten when unripe/green, Red


1000 – 9,999


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