Orange Pepper Collection

A selection of 6 orange pepper seeds – ranging in heat from 5,000 to 1 million SHU. Orange you glad you grew these?


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Orange Pepper Seeds

The Ultimate Collection – A wide range of Capsicums that share the same bright sunny disposition: Orange as the day is long.

On the more mild side, the Hangjiao #3 is a renowned product of the Chinese space agency during their attempts to genetically modify chilis by sending them on space missions for exposure to gamma rays. While the experiments did not reach the intended goal, we are left with a fantastic orange cayenne like prolific pepper.

Other pepper delve deeper into the hot and superhot territory. This carefully curated collection keeps true to the joyful color orange yet allows a diverse range of peppers for multiple uses. Sauces, pepper flakes, and fresh culinary uses are all covered in this particular collection.

Includes packs of seeds for the following orange peppers:

All packs include 15-25+ seeds. Bundles are the best way to increase garden chili varieties for a low price per pack. We are a small seed producing company – as seeds begin to sell out in early spring, **substitutes may be needed to reflect current offerings.


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