Poblano / Ancho

Classic poblano pepper, a kitchen cornerstone.  When smoked/dried, commonly goes by the name Ancho.


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Classic poblano pepper, commonly dried and goes by the name ancho.  Stuff it, dry it, use it fresh – a workhorse of a pepper for those seeking flavor without the heat.  Superhot peppers are fun but unless one is making blazing hot sauces or spice mixes, no superhots will be used in the volume and with the versatility of a classic mild pepper like this.


Most people use the pepper in the unripe green state. We recommend keeping this plant well fed with fertilizer.  Keep an eye out for potentially needing support.  A tall growing plant with many branches – combined with heavy fruit – may benefit from staking, a cage, or – my favorite method – planting it near other poblanos so that the plants will support one another.  A side benefit is additional shade.  Some protection during the most direct sun of the day is desired by some peppers, contrary to the belief that peppers love blazing hot weather and sun all day. Now, that does not mean plant peppers in a partially shady area – that is a recipe for a stunted plant!


Poblanos top off in the 1000-2000SHU range.  C’mon, it is one of the most popular peppers in Mexico and the US – seems silly going into too much detail about this staple!




1000 – 9,999

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