Sugar Rush Peach

Sugar Rush Peach is Sweet and hot, around 100K SHU. The most popular of the baccatum cultivars. Good for hot fruity salsas and more!


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Sugar Rush Peach Pepper Seeds

A Baccatum species, the SRP is wildly popular for being a hot yet sweet pepper.  Baccatum peppers are one of the five primary domesticated Capsicum species – a distant third in name recognition in comparison to annuum and chinense. Domesticated baccatum chilis are known for having thick crunchy (also called juicy) flesh, with a  crispiness similar to biting into an apple. 

Growing Sugar Rush Peach

SRP should be started early, 6-12 weeks prior to the last frost date. A source of heat during seed planting is recommended for successful germination.  This can take the form of an agricultural seed starting heat mat or a more basic top of a refrigerator.  Baccatum peppers require less heat to germinate than other species due to genetic isolation in cooler areas of high altitude [Gerson R, Honma S. Emergence response of the pepper at low soil temperature. Euphytica. 1978]. Due to domestication in areas of higher rainfall, overwatering is less of a concern for the SRP. Please be advised that the fruit take a long time to ripen. Thus, the rational behind having an early start on this cultivar.

 Larger/heavy prolific fruit makes staking this cultivar beneficial. Fruity and juicy, this pepper excels as a fresh topping, a snack (if you can handle the heat), or can be pickled.  Slight striping can occur on ripe peppers.  If looking for something with a little less heat, check out Sugar Rush Cream.  Sugar Rush Cream is a white variety at a lower heat level.  


Sugar Rush Pepper Scoville Scale

The SRP clocks in at between 50-100K SHU, placing the fruit in a zone between the habanero and jalapeno in terms of heat level.





40,000 – 99,999


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