Dealer’s Choice – Random Pepper Generator – New

A random pepper generator – as random as being selected by pepper gurus can be. Assorted selection of 6 peppers cultivars. Choose a true dealer’s choice – or guide our hand with some direction.


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Dealer’s Choice – Random Pepper Generator

What is your style? Decision paralysis is real. let us pick at least 6 packs of seeds for you. Solution: Our random pepper generator. With well over 240 choices of peppers, it can be overwhelming to pick out the peppers that suit ones individual needs. The Dealer’s Choice takes the decision making out of your hands and puts it in the hands of the Pepper Maestros.

Pepper Maestros?

Well yes. The Dealers live and breath peppers. Well, during the months of November through early October. Our young pepper masters are still in training, but as long as their homework is finished, a true dealers choice puts all decisions on their hands! A little capsicum roulette if you please? Think of it as a manual random pepper generator!

If one has a general idea of what they want – use the below form to tip the dealer’s hand towards a particular outcome. What general uses are you looking for? Put it in the form and our pepper maestros will find at minimum 6 peppers that fit the bill – or come as close as we can. With 300 current pepper cultivars, we are confident your needs can be addressed!

Tipping the hand?

Add a customer note during checkout if you would like to request a particular theme. We will try to select peppers to meet the request. Is their a particular color of pepper? A heat that is desired? A culinary function? A regional favorite? A particular capsicum species? Maybe the ugliest peppers possible? Historical peppers? The creativity of the user is the only limit when it comes to how you can guide the Dealer!


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