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Scotch Bonnet TFM

Trenton Farmers Market in New Jersey made this pepper famous. Favored for taste in the scotch bonnet category. A striking yellowish orange coloration.


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Scotch Bonnet TFM is the most flavorful of scotch bonnets.  Dried as flakes and blended into jerk seasoning powder or used fresh – this pepper will require multiple plants to avoid anger/sadness/disappointment when you realize mid-season that you must have more delicious flavor bombs.

300000 SHU. This is an estimate. Scoville ratings will change based on growing conditions. Rarer superhots may still have genetic instability in heat expression.




200,000 – 449,999

1 review for Scotch Bonnet TFM

  1. Collin Hartley

    I have had the hardest time finding the tfm type of scotch bonnet. Package arrived as advertised. Twenty seeds. High germination rate!

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