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Sweet Cayenne

The Sweet Cayenne chili, standing out with its long, sweet peppers and vibrant red color, is perfect for Ohio gardens, offering culinary versatility for stir-fries and seasoning, as well as ornamental beauty. ​


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Sweet Cayenne Pepper Seeds

These guys are a cool twist on the classic Cayenne pepper. Imagine: the regular Cayenne, but without the heat. Think of a Cayenne pepper that stretches up to 12 inches long, but stays about half an inch wide, and you’ve got the Sweet Cayenne. It starts off green and then shifts to a deep red when it’s fully ripe.

Growing Sweet Cayenne

This plant is pretty easy to grow and looks great in the garden. It’s got green stems, leaves, and some neat white flowers. But the real stars are the long red peppers. Very productive.  To aide germination, start seeds indoors in a warm medium.  Heat can be derived from a seedling heat mat or even the top of a refrigerator.


Here’s where the Sweet Cayenne really shines. It’s perfect for folks who like the taste of Cayenne but can’t handle the heat. Use it in any dish where you’d normally use Cayenne pepper. It adds that familiar flavor but keeps things cool. Stir-fries, soups, sauces – you name it, the Sweet Cayenne can handle it. And if you’re into making your own spices, these peppers are great for drying and grinding into a mild chili powder. It’s a fantastic way to spice things up for those who aren’t fans of fiery heat.






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