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Waialua (Hawaiian Jalapeno)

The Waialua Chili Pepper, developed by the University of Hawaii, is a hotter take on the classic jalapeño. Easy to grow and versatile in the kitchen, this pepper brings both heat and flavor to the table.


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Waialua Pepper

If you’re looking for a pepper that’s got a bit more heat than your average jalapeño, then the Waialua Chili Pepper is your go-to. Developed by the University of Hawaii, this pepper is sometimes referred to as the “Hawaiian Jalapeño,”. It’s got that a somewhat jalapeño flavor but turns up the heat a notch  – in the 50K SHU range.

The Waialua is not just about the heat; it’s got flavor to boot. You can eat it fresh, but cooking it really brings out some extra sweetness and depth of flavor that makes it versatile in the kitchen. When it comes to growing, the Waialua is as resilient as easy as they come. This ease makes it a great choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. Whether you’re in Hawaii or trying to bring a bit of the islands to your own backyard, these seeds are a good choice to make it happen.





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