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Aji Guyana

The Aji Guyana is a versatile and balanced pepper that’s perfect for those looking to add a South American touch to their garden and kitchen.


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Aji Guyana

If you’re a fan of South American cuisine or just love growing exotic peppers, this is a must-have in your garden. This pepper is part of the Capsicum baccatum species, which is known for its wide range of flavors and heat levels.

Flavor and Heat

The Aji Guyana offers a balanced heat that’s not too overpowering.  An estimated 10K SHU provides heat without causing too much pain to the more heat adverse.  If you’ve enjoyed the heat of the Aji Pineapple or the Aji Amarillo, you’ll find this pepper to be a delightful addition to your pepper repertoire.

Culinary Uses – A South American Staple

Aji peppers are popular in South American cuisine, particularly in Peru. They’re commonly used as a condiment in dishes that feature garlic and red onion. This is no exception and can be used in a variety of dishes, from salsas to hot sauces. If you’re a fan of my stuffed Cherry Bomb or Red Cherry Sweet peppers, consider adding some Aji Guyana flakes to the cheese mix for an extra kick.

Growing Tips

Like most Capsicum baccatum varieties, heck, all Capsicums – the Aji Guyana loves the sun. These plants are generally low-maintenance and yield a prolific harvest. If you’ve successfully grown other peppers like the Brazilian Starfish or the Aji Ahuachapan, you’ll find this to be an easy and rewarding grow.

So, if you’re looking to add a South American flair to your garden and kitchen, the Aji Guyana pepper seeds are a fantastic choice. The balanced heat and versatile culinary applications make it a standout choice for both gardening and cooking.




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