Bahamian Goat

The Bahamian Goat pepper, a Scotch Bonnet type with a pumpkin-like appearance and fruity heat, offers a unique kick reminiscent of its namesake, making it a favorite among spicy food enthusiasts.


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Bahamian Goat Pepper

Origin and Taste:

Hailing from the colorful lands of the Bahamas, the Bahamian Goat Pepper is a true standout among the Capsicum chinense species. It shares a genetic kinship in flavor to that of the famed Scotch Bonnet, but sets itself a heat with a side of complexity.  Known for having a flavor similar to the Scotch Bonnet, with a bit more citrus – the fruit also have a unique appearance, like a pumpkin.

Its unique name has many theories of origin, ranging from:

  • Goats being used in Bahamian agriculture
  • Fruit that smells like a goat (odd – but ok?)
  • Pepper has a spicy kick – like a goat.

This cultivar is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a means by which to inject a real feel of the Caribbean into their dishes. It will, of course, be just great for anything from the traditional hot sauce and marinades to a spicy kick in the tropical salsas or dishes. In terms of taste, if you are a scotch bonnet or habanero fan, Bahamian goat should become a quick favorite!

Growth habits:

A very productive plant, warm growing season of the sun, the variety loves bright, warm rays of the sun. This variety of pepper gives a lot of fruit to the owners and gives great pleasure not only from growing but also from use.  Expect upwards of 50 fruit or more on a well cared for plant.





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