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Baccatum similar to Goldew

The C. baccatum similar to a Golddew pepper is a sweet and variety, perfect for those who prefer a milder kick!


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The C. baccatum similar to what can be found in stores under the name Goldew:

If you’re looking for a pepper that’s more on the sweet side but still packs a punch of flavor – and don’t want to violate any trademarks or plant patents – look no further than the “South African C. baccatum similar to the Goldew pepper”. This is the golden version of the low-heat round, thick fleshed C. baccatum, highly prized when pickled in a sweet brine and well as consumed fresh.  See the peach (Peachadew) and traditional red (malawi piquante)  versions for more information.

Flavor Profile and Culinary Uses

The C. baccatum similar to the Goldew pepper is just as versatile as its red and peach cousins.  It’s slightly larger and has less heat than the already mild Malawi Piquanté Pepper. One of my go-to appetizers for football and wrestling PPV parties is pickled *Dew peppers (to include Sugar Rush Cream) stuffed with herbed goat cheese and thrown under a broiler in a small cast iron skillet until the tops are ever so slightly charred.  You’re welcome – it’s a game changer.  [Here is the recipe to make pickled versions of these type peppers – the one I personally use]

Appearance and Presentation

One of the first things you’ll notice about the C. baccatum similar to the Goldew pepper is its rich golden yellow color, which draws attention and adds a sense of luxury to your table. Its vibrant hue makes it a visually appealing addition to any dish, contrasting well with other colorful peppers like the Red Cherry Sweet or the Chinese Five Color.

Scoville Ratings:

Note: 0 SHU.  I’ve seen 100 bantered about as a possible rating – maybe my tongue is busted from too many other hot foods… but I am not picking up on any heat.

Why are you being weird about the name of this pepper?

Just calling it like it is – this is a pepper similar to a commonly found South African pickled pepper product.   Grow a peck of your own similar peppers.  Got that Peter?






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