Sugar Rush Peach – Suave

Sugar Rush Peach Suave, the sleeker, cleaner phenotype of the classic Sugar Rush Peach. Equally sweet but easier to slice and stuff.


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Sugar Rush Peach, Suave phenotype

Meet the Sugar Rush Peach Suave – while it is not a new pepper, we are finally putting a name to the “other” common phenotype of the popular baccatum SRP.  What makes this variant so special? For starters, its lighter color and straighter shape give it a unique aesthetic that’s both eye-catching and practical. Unlike the other phenotype, which is known for its curves, the Suave’s streamlined form makes it a dream to slice and stuff. It’s as if the original went to finishing school and came out all polished and refined. Or – got out of prison and no longer has residual stripes.

But don’t let that suave exterior fool you. On the inside, it’s all Sugar Rush Peach—sweet, fruity, and absolutely delicious. It’s got that same mouthwatering sweetness that makes the original a hit, but with a cleaner, more elegant presentation. Think of it as the sophisticated sibling that still knows how to have a good time.

And here’s the kicker: that straighter shape isn’t just for show. It actually makes the Suave easier to process. With fewer crevices for dirt and spiders to hide, you’re getting a cleaner pepper that’s ready to go from garden to table.

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