Cream Fantasy

The Cream Fantasy is a creamy-white, uniquely shaped pepper with a distinctly fruity flavor and a gentle kick, making it a versatile and visually stunning addition to your garden


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Cream Fantasy

If you’re looking to diversify your pepper collection, the Cream Fantasy is a pepper you don’t want to overlook. Developed over a 5+ year period in Finland by Jukka Fatalii, this pepper is a part of the Capsicum baccatum species.

This pepper is a work of art. Its creamy-white color and unique shape resembling a top hat make it a standout in any garden. But it’s not just about looks; this pepper packs a distinctly fruity flavor that’s unlike anything you’ll find in your local grocery store. It’s sweet with an addictive crunch factor, making it perfect for fresh fruity salsas or stir-fries.

Heat Level

Don’t let the creamy color fool you; the Cream Fantasy has a low to medium heat level, in the 10,000-15,000 SHU range. This places it slightly hotter than your average Jalapeño but not as intense as, say, a Habanero or Ghost Pepper. If you’re someone who likes a bit of heat but doesn’t want to be overwhelmed, this is the pepper for you.

The Cream Fantasy is not just for show; it’s a culinary powerhouse. Whether you’re making fresh salsa, a fermented hot sauce, or even a stir-fry, this pepper adds a unique flavor and a gentle kick. If you’re a fan of my stuffed Cherry Bomb or Red Cherry Sweet peppers, consider substituting in this pepper instead of the aforementioned or any of the “Dews”.

Growing Tips

When it comes to growing, the Cream Fantasy is impressively productive. One plant can produce over 100 pods in a season. If you’ve had success with other Capsicum baccatum varieties like the Aji Pineapple or Aji Amarillo, you’ll find the Cream Fantasy to be an easy grow.




10,000 – 39,999


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