Malawi Piquante

The Malawi Piquante (Peppadew) is a sweet yet mildly spicy pepper, perfect for stuffing or pickling. Originating from South Africa, this versatile pepper can grow over 4 feet tall and is a great addition to any garden.


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Malawi Piquante

Here’s the scoop on the Malawi Piquante pepper.  Scoop the pepper guts out, pickle it, or stuff it.  Voila!  This one’s also known as the Peppadew, but let’s stick to its original name to avoid any trademark issues. Originating from South Africa but also found in Malawi, this pepper’s got a bit of a backstory. It was discovered in 1993 and quickly gained fame for its unique flavor profile.

Flavor and Heat

Now, let’s talk taste. This pepper is a real treat. It’s sweet but packs a little kick, not too much, just enough to notice. We’re talking about a pepper that’s both spicy and sweet, with medium-thick flesh that’s perfect for stuffing or pickling. If you’re into that sort of thing, this one’s a keeper.

Growing and Use

As for growing, these plants can shoot up over 4 feet tall and are pretty productive. They prefer a bit of shade, so keep that in mind. Once they get going, you’ll have yourself a bunch of golf ball-sized peppers ready for whatever culinary adventure you’ve got in mind. They’re primarily grown to be stuffed or pickled, and they’re good candidates for over-wintering indoors if you’re into that.

Much like other related peppers, the peachadewthe baccatum similar to the Goldew, and the sugar rush cream, this pepper is a top candidate for a sweet pickling process – we are keen on this particular recipe. No affiliations or anything – it is just a recipe that works.  Once pickled, stuff them with herbed goat cheese and throw under the broiler until bubbly.  Yum!




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