The Chile de Árbol is a hot, versatile pepper with a complex flavor profile. It’s a staple in Mexican cuisine and a must-have for anyone looking to spice up their dishes.


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Chile de Árbol

If you’re looking to add a classic chili often in high demand, check out the Chile de Árbol. This Mexican native is not just another hot pepper; it’s a culinary staple in Mexican cuisine. With a Scoville heat range of 15,000 to 30,000 units, it’s hotter than a Jalapeño but not as scorching as a Cayenne.

Flavor and Uses:

Don’t let the heat scare you away; the Chile de Árbol has a complex flavor profile. It has a nutty and smoky taste with a hint of grassiness. This makes it more flavorful than the Cayenne, and its heat level allows it to be enjoyed in various culinary uses.

The Chile de Árbol has tons of kitchen uses. Whether you’re making a spicy salsa, a hot sauce, or even a spicy cocktail, this pepper has got you covered. Its slim shape and short length make it ideal for flavoring foods, olive oils, and beverages as a whole dried pod. And the best part? Unlike many other peppers, the Chile de Árbol retains its beautiful reddish color even when dried.


The Chile de Árbol grows to about 2-3 inches long and is less than a ½ inch wide. It matures from green to a vibrant red, and its woody stems give it its name, which means “tree chili” in Spanish. If you’ve successfully grown other peppers like the Jalapeño or Poblano, adding the Chile de Árbol to your garden will be a breeze.




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