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Ghostly Jalapeno

Ghostly Jalapeño, a spicier, bumpy twist on the classic Jalapeño. With heat up to 200K SHU, it’s the Ghost pepper’s tamer cousin


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Ghostly Jalapeño: When a Ghost Gets Babied

So, you’ve heard of the Ghost pepper, right? That fiery, make-you-cry kind of hot pepper.  When I was a kid, ghost peppers were the be-all-end-all in peppers. Now, imagine if that Ghost pepper was babied a bit, made less scary, and introduced to the milder, sweeter Jalapeño. What do you get? The Ghostly Jalapeño. This pepper is like the Ghost’s less intimidating cousin who still knows how to pack a punch.

How Hot is the Ghostly Jalapeño?

Let’s talk heat. This particular phenotype of the Ghostly Jalapeño clocks in at an estimated 200K SHU. That’s hotter than your average Jalapeño but not as face-melting as a Ghost pepper. The heat can vary, though, depending on growing conditions and a bit of genetic instability. So, it’s got some kick, but it’s not going to send you running for a gallon of milk.  A pint, possibly.

Flavor and Texture

Now, onto the good stuff—the flavor. This pepper is a cross between a Ghost and a Jalapeño, and it takes on more of the Ghost characteristics. It’s bumpy and rugged in texture, just like a Ghost pepper, and has more of the fruity flavor and smell of the ghost. But here’s the kicker: the Jalapeño sweetness and lower heat tamp down the aggressiveness of the Ghost. The fruit is red, adding a vibrant pop of color to any dish.




100,000-199,999, 200,000 – 449,999


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