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San Luis Poblano (Ancho)

An iconic Mexican Chile – dry the fresh fruit to get ancho chiles!


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San Luis Poblano

Folks in San Luis, Mexico know a thing or two about growing amazing peppers – like the San Luis Poblano. This iconic chile makes Tex-Mex cuisine sing. These dark green Mexican peppers look totally innocuous at first. But bite into their thick, hearty flesh and you’ll discover a rich raisin-like flavor with just a hint of heat.

When dried, San Luis Poblanos transform into the prized Ancho pepper. Their wrinkled reddish-brown skin hides a sweet and smoky punch that anchors classic chili powders and moles. A staple for enchiladas, tamales, and more. You can’t beat the complexity of ancho chili flavor.

The Poblano/Ancho really shows off the soul of Mexican cooking. Flavorful yet mild with a touch of sweetness. These big peppers thrive in the fields near San Luis Potosi before landing on tables and in salsas across Mexico and beyond. A hearty, iconic chile with tons of culinary potential. ¬°Que rico!


Commonly eaten when unripe/green




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