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Hot pops Purple

The Hot Pops Purple is a visually stunning ornamental pepper, small purple peppers ripen to a SunnyD shade of orange.


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Hot Pops Purple

This is a striking ornamental pepper with vibrant changing colors. It is a great addition to a landscape with ample sunlight or container/pot. With its glossy deep green leaves and small, round fruits that showcase a stunning transformation from purple to orange, it’s a favorite for hot, sunny spots. You’ll find these peppers abundant from mid-summer to mid-fall, adding a burst of color to your outdoor space.

Hot Pops Purple, part of the Capsicum annuum species, has one of the most compact growing habits of any pepper. Only Basket of Fire and comes close.  It reaches a manageable size at maturity, about 6 inches tall with an 8-inch spread, making it perfect for various garden uses – mass planting, border edging, or even in herb gardens and hanging baskets.  The spread is reminiscent of the aji charapita.

Eating an ornamental?

Despite its ornamental appeal, the Hot Pops Purple also boasts edible qualities.  Not many edible qualities, however, eating them will not make you ill. The round, spicy peppers are lacking in fresh flavor.  Fruity is often used as a positive descriptor.  In this case, it is over the top, excessive.  I find more functional use drying the fruit and using it as a medium heat flake.  Heat: In that 40-50K SHU range.


Orange, Purple


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