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Filius Blue

The Filius Blue pepper is an eye-catching, spicy chili ideal for ornamental gardens, adding a splash of color with its purplish-blue to red peppers and offering a unique, spicy flavor for culinary enthusiasts.


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Filius Blue

A member of the Capsicum annuum family and native to Mexico, this is a delightful little chili that’s both ornamental and edible. With its heat level ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville Heat Units, it’s comparable to the cayenne pepper in terms of spiciness, being about four to 20 times hotter than a jalapeno. What makes it really stand out is its striking color transformation: the peppers start as purplish-blue, then turn to orange-red as they ripen, interestingly becoming milder in heat as they change color.

This compact plant, often less than a foot in height, is perfect for small gardens or containers, adding a pop of color with its dark green leaves, white flowers, and blue/purple colored fruit. Though its taste – grassy and a bit bitter – might not be the star of your dish, it still finds its way into salsas, sauces, and salads for those who enjoy a spicy kick. Due to its ornamental beauty, it’s often grown more for its looks than its flavor, with delicate flowers and vibrant chili colors that enhance any garden’s aesthetic.


Growing Filius Blue peppers is a straightforward affair. You can start the seeds indoors, using heating mats to speed up germination, which typically takes 10 to 21 days. Once the seedlings are about four inches tall, they’re ready to be moved outdoors into a sunny spot. They need well-drained soil and regular watering, but be mindful not to overwater. In about 80 to 90 days, you’ll have mature Filius Blue peppers to enjoy either in your cooking or simply as a beautiful addition to your garden.




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