Naga Smooky Rainbow

Black Naga x Pink Tiger. Hearty plant, with early and high productivity. Dark/purplish foliage.  Crazy mild considering purported lineage.  


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Dark phenotype – with dark foliage, beautiful purple flowers, and dark fruit that ripen a to a maroon shade.  Cut into the ripe fruit and expose unique purple pigmentation on the connective tissues.  When purple, I have found the fruit to be very mild, less heat than a jalapeno.

Fully ripe, I do not taste the 200-400K SHU some report.  While not scientific, in a personal tasting of this cultivar, I estimate 20-40K SHU.  Smell is another one of the unique characteristics of this pepper.  The smell is best described as a funky floral – almost horse blanket like, to steal a homebrewing sensory term!


Purple, Red


10,000 – 39,999


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