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Blazing Bundle

Buckle up, this collection contains 7 of the Hottest of the Hot peppers – including the Carolina Reaper and a number of other peppers that are just as hot.


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Blazing Collection Bundle – C’mon baby and light my fire! This seed collection of seven high heat peppers will be sure to put you on a short list of the hottest of the hottest gardens in Ohio (and elsewhere!) Chocolate, red, and green, these chilis will not leave you feeling very chilly. Each one of these peppers have the potential to be the hottest, depending on growing conditions.

Update 3/25/23 – Superhot peppers are going fast. See substitutions for offerings currently out of stock:

Each bundle comes with at least 10-20+ seeds of each cultivar. Be careful. When cutting and processing – use gloves. Not latex or vinyl – overtime the oils will seep through and burn your hands. The burn will last for hours. And hours. No amount of scrubbing and dish soap will help. Trust me on this one! Nitrile gloves are your friend.


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