Habanada Peach, Long

Experience the rich, sweet essence of habanero flavor without the heat with our Long Peach Habanada peppers.


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Peach Habanada

This is a unique twist on the longer bodied peach habanero, providing all the exotic, sweet, fruity flavors without any of the heat. With a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of 0, these peppers are a perfect choice for those who enjoy the taste of habaneros but can’t tolerate the heat or wish to avoid it.

Peach Habanadas are very popular in the kitchen, lending their full-bodied flavor to a wide array of dishes. From the refreshing kick in a fruit salsa to a surprising twist in sweet pepper jelly, these peppers are also excellent when roasted.  Roasting brings out their natural sweetness, making them a flavorful addition to creamy sauces and savory meat dishes.

For the home gardener, these seeds are a delight to cultivate. The plants are robust and produce a generous yield of peppers. Not only will they add variety to your garden with their colorful appearance, but they will also be a conversation starter due to their unique heatless quality.

Other “Sweet” cultivars of normally hot peppers:

For those intrigued by the gentle nature of our Peach Habanada, you’ll be pleased to discover we offer an array of sweet variants of typically hot peppers. Each of these brings the fullness of their traditionally spicy counterparts to the table, minus the burn. Expand your pepper portfolio with:

Sweet Cayenne: Offering the slender shape and bright red color of the classic cayenne pepper, yet without the heat, perfect for adding a sweet, tangy flavor to your dishes.

Sweet Bonnet: Modeled after the scotch bonnet, this pepper has all the fruity and smoky notes, crafted for a milder palate.

Nadapeno: A play on the traditional jalapeño, these peppers deliver that beloved peppery taste with none of the spice, ideal for stuffing and salsas.

Grenada Seasoning: A giant yellow C. chinense, flavor-wise most like a yellow habanero – but without the heat.







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